We have created Sri Mahavishnu Info with immense passion and dedication. And we present to you the records contained therein with great care. We would also like to share with you some of the details behind this release.The purpose of this blog is that everyone should know the wonderful stories of Sriman Narayanan. In human life, happiness and suffering alternate. This is the nature of human life, but our Hindu Dharma has many principles and principles. They used to give advice on what not to do and we used to follow it all but with time it became a separated so mostly we don't know what to do or not to do in our life lifestyles worships all these lifestyles are recorded in our Sri Mahavishnu info blog all this is through internet for all to know. It also inspired me to share with you. This Sri Mahavishnu Info is to bring at least a few drops from the information and news about our temples which are spread like the sea to you the readers; Blog is the objective. I hope you enjoy reading the posts on this website.

At first it occurred to me (Hari) that we should bring this Vaishnava information to everyone then I told my friend about this and she said that we can do it too. My friend  and I first started a WhatsApp group and posted information about Vishnu and gradually increased it. Now 100 whatsapp groups 5000+ followers on facebook 2000+ followers on instagram and 16,000+ subscribers on our youtube channel and 850 subscribers on telegram channel besides English language groups facebook page and hindi language groups facebook page are all registered.I would also like to mention here the people who are working with us with a sense of dedication Ms. Revathi Jayaraman (Malaysia) is the voice in the video recorded on our sri mahavishnu info youtube channel.Their service is also great Our greetings and salutations to them Admin of our Hindi group Revathi (Chennai) service is also highly commendable The services of Megha Akila (Dharmapuri) for providing advice and translation information to our team are appreciated

Om Namo Narayanaya